About Andrew Lamy

Integrating backgrounds in music, linguistics, and zoology, musician/ornithologist Andrew Lamy studies the universe of sounds most vital to both humans and birds.  On the concert stage and in the field, Mr. Lamy explores the boundaries of what is known about birdsong and collaborates with scientists, composers, and performers to present a new and unique birdsong-based genre of symphonic music. As a clarinetist, Andrew Lamy has received critical acclaim for his colorful tone, liquid phrasing, and his energetic performance style. He has performed with the New York Philharmonic, the Metropolitan Opera, Royal Opera of London, New Jersey Symphony, American Symphony Orchestra, The Artis Quartet of Vienna, and The Halcyon Trio. As a naturalist, Mr. Lamy is a seasoned ear-birder in the U.S. and Africa with specialized training in bioacoustical observation and analysis.  Mr. Lamy has studied African bird vocalisations, distribution, sub-speciation, and behavior with leading researchers, including author Clive Barlow, endemic bird guide John McAllister, and IRD ornithologists Pierre Reynaud, El Hadji Sylla, and Mamadou Sakho. He continually works to extend and raise the standards of "best practice" techniques for comparative song analysis, vowel timbre equivalencies, dawn chorus simulation and analysis, roving focus, radial sorting, and new musical notation for birdsong transcriptions.  Currently Mr. Lamy performs as a Artists International Management chamber soloist and travels regularly to Africa for birdsong research and the development of eco-tourism infrastructure.  Please visit www.AndrewLamy.com

About Edie Hill

As a key member of the Mixed-Flock consortium, Edie Hill not only possesses a deep passion for birdsong, but is gifted with an uncanny sense of how its spaciousness and bouyancy relate to the aesthetics of human music.  As a McKnight Artist Fellow, Hill has traveled extensively in Western and Southern Africa with birdsong recordists and ornithologists Clive Barolw, John, McAllister, and Moussa Diop.  During her travels, she immersed herself in all aspects of the African soundscape, learning the nuances of avian vocalizations and experiencing first-hand the warmth and soulfulness of the African people and their musical traditions. 

The music of Edie Hill artfully blends a variety of elements and influences into one unique harmonic language.  Thus, the listener can be effortlessly transported from rainforest to ancient monastery to the foot of Mt. Fuji, returning with a refreshed soul (and no jet-lag). From orchestra to solo, epitaph to epic, Edie Hill's music unfolds itself seamlessly in all spaces and idioms. Presenters include Lincoln Center, LA County Museum of Art, Walker Art Center, Cape May Festival (NJ) and the Downtown Arts Festival (NYC). A 2006 McKnight Artist Fellow, Hill has been awarded grants from the Bush Foundation, Jerome Foundation, ASCAP, Meet the Composer and Chamber Music America.  Hill earned a B.A. in music composition and piano performance at Bennington College where she studied with Vivian Fine then earned her M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Minnesota with principal composition teacher Lloyd Ultan. She has also studied extensively with Libby Larsen. Currently she serves as Composer-in-Residence at The Schubert Club in St. Paul, MN, and resides in Minneapolis where she works as a freelance composer.  Please visit www.EdieHill.com

About Trent Johnson

Mr. Johnson has written numerous works for various soloists, ensembles and musical organizations. Among them are chamber works, choral and vocal works, organ works, piano works, a cantata, concertos and orchestral works. Recent works include a Trumpet Concerto, the cantata The Paschal Lamb, a Saxophone Quartet, a Trio for Clarinet, Viola and Piano, commissioned and recorded by the Halcyon Trio, a Poem for viola and orchestra, and a Petite Suite for orchestra. In April 2003 he was featured on the acclaimed new music forum, Ars Vitalis at Kean University, Union, New Jersey. He has been interviewed and featured on Washington DC's WGMS Spotlight and on NPR station WNTI’s radio program Jersey Tomatoes as both organist and composer. He is the recipient of grants from Meet the Composer, the National Endowment for the Arts, and is the 2004 recipient of the Wladimir and Rhoda Lakond Award in composition from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, in NYC.  Please visit www.TrentXJohnson.com

About Darryl Kubian

Active as a composer and recording engineer, Mr. Kubian's music production company Xtreme Medium is involved with many diverse projects. Highlights include composing the music for the Discovery Channels docudrama Raging Rapids which also ran theatrically at SONYs High-Definition Television theater, scoring for National Geographics Phobias, Really Wild Animals and Killer Ice, producing two HDCDs for the NJSOs principal flutist Bart Feller, engineering and producing various CDs for The Elements Quartet, The Oberon Quartet, The Halcyon Trio and violinist Garrett Fischbach from The Metropolitan Opera Orchestra. Past projects include scores for National Geographic, Pangolin Pictures, NHK, Discovery Channel, CBS, The Learning Channel, The Travel Channel, Discovery Health and the Disney Channel.  Please visit www.XtremeMedium.com

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