Cygnet Clarinet Ensemble
Left Photo: left to right, Kate, Coach Andy, Erica, Alexis, James, Assistant Coach Bryan, and Michelle @ Pen & Jen's Tea Bar, Maplewood, NJ
Right Photo: left to right, Coach Paul, Michele, Erica (front), coach Linda, and Kate @ The Goat Cafe, South Orange, NJ

This fine young ensemble performs a mix of traditional and modern music with energy and sweetness for cultural and community service events...

The Cygnet Clarinet Ensemble is a not-for-profit educational music group under the auspices of the Classical New Jersey Society.  They function both as a community service group for special events and as an outstanding young-artist performance ensemble for concerts and soirees. Your tax-deductible donations go to the purchase and arrangement and recording of new repertoire for the group as well as basic operational and publicity expenses.  The group is self-managed by the students.  Each fulfills a role such as treasurer, librarian, publicity, contracts, or technical assistant.
Many Thanks!

contact us at 908.377.2755 or to enquire about availability or sponsorship opportunities

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